CSCU Announces Position on DACA

The Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system has announced its formal position on DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and has added a resources page to its website.

DACA, a program announced by President Barrack Obama in 2012, essentially means that certain children, those who arrived in the United States prior to turning 16 years of age, would no longer be a priority for deportation.

CSCU’s Position on DACA

The fundamental responsibility of a public education institution is to foster learning, innovation, and strong communities to any student willing to put in the work to learn and achieve. CSCU admits students based on a holistic approach and many of our schools are open access. CSCU does not collect or retain information on undocumented students’ immigration status, and doesn’t have a list of undocumented students. We will not create such a list or document and could not and would not share that information with others.

Our campus police do not and will not inquire about a student’s immigration status during the course of their work that including anyone seeking assistance from the police. No student will be detained solely on the basis of immigration status. This is Standard Operating Procedure for our campus police and that will not change.

The DACA: Legal and Community Resources page can be accessed here >>