Boater Safety

Connecticut Safe Boating Certificate and Personal Watercraft Operator’s Certificate

CT Boater Safety CourseThis program is taught by volunteers or employees of the Connecticut DEEP Boating Division and is designed to fulfill the requirements for the Connecticut Safe Boating Certificate and the Personal Watercraft Operator’s Certificate.

Upon successful completion of the course and final examination, the student can carry the diploma, application for certification, and the appropriate fee to any State DEEP office to obtain the Safe Boating Certificate and/or the Personal Watercraft Operator’s Certificate.

You will learn:

  • Safety equipment requirements
  • Environmental awareness
  • Boating regulations
  • Boat launches and local regulations
  • Rules and navigation
  • Safety information
  • Tides and sunrise/sunset date


For more information about the licensing process, please visit the website of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection


  1. You must get a Conservation ID number before you start the courses. Directions for getting your Conservation ID are below:
    • If you have a Connecticut Hunting or Fishing License, your Conservation ID will be same ID number that was assigned with the hunting and fishing license.
    • If you need a Conservation ID number:
      1. Go to the Online Sportsman Licensing – ( Scroll to the bottom of the page and hit START.
      2. Go to the search by personal information – you will need to put in either your Social Security# or driver’s license number to see if you are in the system as having a conservation ID previously issued to you. If not, then you will go to – Select here to receive your Conservation ID only for an Education Course Registration, and complete the registration process. Follow the instructions for “New Customers.”
      3. Print out your Conservation ID profile and bring it to your class.
  2.   You will need to provide your Conservation ID number and your date of birth for the class roster.

Visit the CT DEEP website for classes scheduled for the remainder of the 2022 season.