Satisfactory Academic Progress

Contact Information

Office of Financial Aid
C129, Student Success Center Danielson

Gloria Rivera
Associate Director of Financial Aid

Logan Tashea
Financial Aid Specialist

In March 2005, the Connecticut Community Colleges approved a uniform academic progress standard for all students receiving student financial aid at all of the 12 community colleges. This standard is reflected in the policy statement at the link below and is effective for periods of enrollment beginning with the fall 2005 semester and includes 2010 regulatory changes. Questions concerning this new policy should be addressed to your financial aid office.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy 

If you are currently suspended you can appeal your status by completing the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal Form

The SAP appeals policy

  • Students may appeal any decision under the SAP Policy.
  • A student must complete the Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal form
  • Appeals will be considered for emergency circumstances including illness, death of a family member or other unusual situation.
  • All students will be expected to provide clear evidence in their appeal form of the following issues: 1) state the reason for appeal, 2) what has changed from that time in with unsatisfactory academic progress occurred and, 3) how (s)he will be capable of overcome past academic difficulties.
  • Students must provide third party documentation to support their claims (i.e. medical evidence of illness, death certificate, etc) and meet with an academic advisor to plan their academic plan.