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*Code will identify as Capital Community College; it will be updated to CT State later this year.

My Financial Aid Award

Contact Information

Office of Financial Aid
C151, Student Affairs Danielson

Logan Tashea
Campus Supervisor – Financial Aid

Philhemina Boone
Financial Aid Specialist

Financial Aid Award Explanation

The financial aid award that you will receive will be based upon full-time enrollment.

Your award is pro-rated for being enrolled for less than a full-time course load based upon official registration as of the 21st calendar day of the semester in the following manner:

# of Credits Original GrantProration %Grant Applied to BillTuition & Fee ChargesAnnual Book Amount
9, 10, 11$3,247.5075%$2,4359 cr. = $1,698$773
6, 7, 8$3,247.5050%$1,6236 cr. = $1,148$475
3, 4, 5$3,247.5025%$8113 cr. = $609$202

If the total grant amount shown on the Award Letter does not cover your costs for tuition, fees, and books, then you are receiving partial financial aid.  This is the maximum aid for which you are eligible and the Business Office will bill you for the remainder of your charges. If you register for fewer than 12 credits and receive partial aid, your aid will still be pro-rated and the Business Office will bill you the remainder of your charges.

You may be eligible for a financial aid book allowance if you completed the entire financial aid process and registered for classes at least four (4) weeks prior to the bookstore opening.  Generally, students who receive partial financial aid are not eligible for a book allowance.  You will be asked to sign a waiver in the bookstore allowing the Business Office to apply your financial aid to cover your book expenses.

Note: If you are awarded QVCC Grant (CCG) or Roberta B. Willis Scholarship (RBW) and are registered for fewer than 6 credits in a given semester, you will not be eligible for those funds.


  • Financial aid does not cover the cost of any course for which you register and do not attend.
  • Financial aid does not cover the costs of auditing a course (AU).  If you switch a class to audit, drop all of your classes or fail all of your classes, you will most likely owe back financial aid money and receive a bill.
  • If you are on financial aid suspension you are are NOT entitled to financial aid. Therefore, a student who receives a Financial Aid Suspension notice after receiving their Award Letter will lose future eligibility.

Withdrawal during the semester will make the student’s financial aid subject to the Return of Title IV Funds Calculation.

Review your Status on MyCommNet

For all of steps below you must first:

  • Login to MyCommNet , then
  • Click Banner Student & Faculty Self-Service

Status and Unsatisfied Requirements

  • Click Financial Aid, then Eligibility Requirements
  • If you are prompted, select the correct aid year and Submit. Check for Unsatisfied Requirements. If you have been selected for verification, please follow the link to the Inceptia Verification Gateway.

Financial Aid Award

  • Click Financial Aid, then Award Package
  • Click on the Award Overview tab to see your award.  Select another aid year if necessary.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Click Financial Aid, then Eligibility Requirements
  • Click on Academic Progress tab

Amount Due or Refund Status

  • Click Billing/Payment
  • Click Account Summary by Term