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The QVCC Advantage – Transfer to QVCC

Start or Continue Your Bachelor Degree and Your Credits Will Transfer

Welcome! Transfer for a DEBT-FREE Education at QVCC

There is so much uncertainty across the nation and here in Connecticut due to the current health crisis.  The college you attended last year may not be able to offer an experience on campus that meets your expectations for the cost you will have to pay.  Now is the time to transfer to QVCC for the fall semester. QVCC holds regional accreditation which means that the credits you earn here are portable and can be transferred to both in-state and out-of-state public and private universities.

QVCC does NOT participate in Federal Student Loan Programs and financial aid is in the form of Federal and State grants and support from the QVCC Foundation. Start or continue your degree at QVCC this fall..you won’t be sorry!

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High-quality education which will save  you THOUSANDS

In State Tuition Comparison

4 years @ a CT State University — $47,384
2 years @ QVCC + 2 years @ ECSU — $32,704
Savings by Starting at QVCC $14,680
4 years @ University of Connecticut — $71,336
2 years @ QVCC + 2 years @ UConn — $44,680
Savings by starting at QVCC $26,656

Out of State Tuition Comparison


4 years @ Worcester State University — $64,964
2 years @ QVCC + 2 years @ Wor. State — $41,494
Savings of $23,470


4 years @ University of Rhode Island — $130,312
2 years @ QVCC + 2 years @ URI — $74,168
Savings by Starting at QVCC $56,144

* Based on 2020-2021 tuition and fees for a full time Connecticut commuter student without impact of financial aid.