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English As A Second Language

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The ESL program exists to teach English language skills to speakers of other languages who need to improve their command of English in order to study at the college level in and English-Speaking environment.  The program also exists to improve the English language skills of learners who want to improve their employment opportunities.

The discipline satisfies unique goals for the institution because it is the only program specifically designed for limited-English-proficient learners and which provides them with access to programs which lead to “transfer, employment, and lifelong learning, “ and learner success.”  The ESL program provides learners with the language skills needed to navigate, and thrive in the mainstream academic courses where English is the medium of instruction.  As such, it acts as a source of students for the rest of the College.

Program Details

The program is housed at the institution’s branch campus in Willimantic, which is the home of practically all the Spanish-speaking residents of the College’s service area, many of whom are in need of ESL instruction.  There are other non-native English-speaking populations associated with the two large university communities in the areas in and near Willimantic who also rely on the College for ESL instruction.  The College’s main campus is located near communities of non-native English-speaking populations from South East Asian and Eastern Europe, some of whom also study in the ESL program.

Learning English is an important step to reaching academic, professional, and personal goals.

The flexible comprehensive program offers five levels of instruction in Oral Communications, Grammar, and Reading and Writing and enables students to proceed at their own pace. High intermediate and advanced ESL courses can be counted as foreign language/humanities electives toward graduation.


Elkin Espitia-Loaiza
Professor of Spanish and ESL
Foreign Language, ESL, and ASL

Career Prospects

Improved English language skills will enhance all aspects of daily life, including:

• Communicating with school officials and teachers
• Communicating with employers
• Advancing in a career
• Meeting daily communication needs
• Strengthening English language skills
• Becoming employed
• Becoming more successful in a job
• Seeking a job promotion
• Getting involved in their children’s education
• Interacting in the community
• Practicing English with students from other countries
• Developing good study skills
• Pursuing a college or university degree