quinebaug valley community college

Student Clubs

Clubs and Organizations, past and present

Accapella Club

To give students a place to sing socially, utilizing their voices in many different ways.  This club is just forming and looking for participation.  If interested, please contact Amanda Giles.

Art Club
You don’t need to be an art major to participate in this club; you simply need to have an interest in photography, studio art, sculpture, graphic art and art history. It’s about sharing ideas, personal materials and inspiration. Events include open mic, studio art night and gallery visits. For more information contact faculty advisor Annie Joly.

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

Learn more about the deaf community, practice and learn sign language and help to increase awareness of ASL.  Please email Becky Haines for more information.

Basketball Club

Play some pickup basketball weekly with your peers at the gymnasium in room 1033.  This club is just forming and is looking for members of all skill levels.  For more information, contact Amanda Giles.

Early Childhood Education Club
Share and explore experiences in promoting progressive and compassionate pathways for childhood development today that translate to healthier communities tomorrow. Faculty advisor Cynthia Shirshac.

Fiction Study Club

To explore well known works of fiction and fantasy. Faculty advisor Jakob Spjut.  The club meets Wednesdays at 2:00pm in W205

Foreign Language Club
To promote an atmosphere for club members and all other students to broaden their knowledge of the Latin/Hispanic culture. Faculty advisor Elkin Espitia-Loaiza.

GI Guardians
GI Guardians is the organization that is formed to assist Veterans and Armed Service Members in our community and our college.  Faculty advisor Andy Morrison.

Honor Societies:

Phi Theta Kappa – The official community college honor society
Alpha Beta Gamma – Business
Epsilon Pi Tau – Engineering and Technology
Tau Upsilon Alpha – Human Services
Outing Club
This club needs more members! The purpose is to organize off-campus events that promote environmental experiences, such as hiking, kayaking, and snowboarding, and also to provide service learning experiences such as volunteer environmental cleanups along the river front, work at local food pantries and other public services that make a difference to our community. Faculty advisor John Lewis.

Philosophy Club
The purpose of the Philosophy Club is to examine and explore concepts, issues, and controversy in both Western and Non-Western philosophy, and their philosophical relations to everyday life. Faculty Advisor  Mark Lowe.

Psychology Club
This organization is comprised of students who are interested in exploring psychology, the fundamentals of the human mind, and human behavior by conducting research and attending professional conferences. Faculty advisor Ling-chuan Chu.

Robotics Club
To explore advancements in robotic engineering by actually creating innovative, mechanical robots for regional competition. Faculty advisor Jakob Spjut.  The club meets Thursdays at 3:30pm in W205


Not seeing something that interests you?

Forming a club is easy and is great a way to get involved on campus.  Fill out the 5 EASY STEPS TO STARTING A STUDENT CLUB  .  For more details, contact Amanda Giles.